Thursday, May 04, 2006

Science Sunbathing

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    Blogger ephilosophe said...

    On the surface, photography would seem to be a very objective reality, but from an aesthetic point of view, every so-called "snapshot" comes from what your eye sees, the eye being the window to the soul, so that the photograph is a representation of reality even though it looks real. It kind of gets complicated. An artist's photograph is not the same as the photo-journalist's. Photographic art is reflective--it can be pensive or joyous--but, again, it's the symbolism, the intent, and what the artist wishes to communicate. I like what I see, Zsuzsanna.

    10:56 PM  
    Blogger Susy said...

    Welcome ephilosophe! I'm glad with your comment!

    11:26 PM  

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